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Discreet head protection

Under hat, wetsuit hood, or squid lid

Gamebreaker Stealth Helmet Liner

No bulging when sewn inRequires sewing or adhesive
Could achieve near-full coverage
Idea: The Gamebreaker Stealth Liner made from D3O could be sewn into or adhered inside any hat, wetsuit hood or squid lid, providing a little protection with little to no hit on surfing performance or looks.

2nd Skull Protective Skull Cap

Ready to goBulges and moves easily
Very light, minimal
Recommendation: Works great under a tight-fitting wetsuit hood. Otherwise, it will move and bulge easily. Might be better to place under a tight squid lid or indo-style hat. Or even under the DMC Soft Surf Helmet for a little more protection. There's also a pro version with a slip surface for better rotational protection under hard-shell helmets.
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