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Ride Engine Barrier Soft Helmet

Really good

Sun, 19 Jun 2022
Pros Cons
Fits like a glove Thin layers of EVA
Very light No side-of-head/ear protection
Sun protection

Recommendation: A kitesurfing impact hat that also works very well for surfing, the Ride Engine Barrier Soft Helmet is super comfortable, and protects you from the sun. Unfortunately, for impact protection, all it offers is two thin layers of dual-density EVA. The lack of good protection though can easily be remedied by adding your own liner (check my discreet page for ideas - I used the Gamebreaker Stealth Helmet Liner, and cut it to shape). However, after much use, the stretchy, strap mechanism gets worn out, and it no longer stays on while getting pounded. Perhaps try replacing it with a buckle based strap.

Available directly from Ride Engine or Check the price on Amazon.

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