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Best surf helmets

The top 3 currently available

Gamebreaker-PRO with D3O: The best all around

Light, minimalWater drips in eyes
Stays on your headTakes on a tad bit of water
5-star protection according to Virginia Tech’s Helmet Lab
Recommendation: Good performance and protection. My top recommendation currently on the market. Full review

Olaian Soft Surf Helmet: The best small wave helmet

Moderate impact, sun protection Slides back duck diving waves over 3-4 ft.
Surfer-friendly look & cost
Very light, minimal
Deflects water from eyes
Recommendation: A real, made-for-surfing helmet that's a great buy for some protection in small surf. Use it on the days when you’re riding on a groveler, mini-simmons, or longboard. Full review. If you're looking for something even more minimal though, take a look at my discreet head protection ideas.

Gath Surf Convertible: What was the best surf helmet is now just a contender

Made for surfingThin layer of EVA = minimal protection
Stays on your head with ear coversEven less protection in multiple impacts
Low friction, ABS shellExperienced bucket effect without ear covers
Recommendation: Wouldn't recommend it. If you can't achieve a better fit with anything else though, it does perform well. Therefore, it's usable - just replace it often. To read why I wouldn't trust such a thin layer of EVA foam to protect your brain read the full review. For a little bit better protection try the Gath Gedi.