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PRO-TEC Ace Wake

Probably not an option

Sun, 02 Dec 2018
Pros Cons
Probably very protective Probably poor surfing performance

Recommendation: If you do try it, I would only do so while paddleboarding small to very small waves.

Order directly from Pro-Tec or Check the price on Amazon.


Two layers of foam. One soft, closest to the head, to delay the brunt of an impact’s force. The other a thick layer of impact-absorbing EVA foam against the hard shell of the helmet to absorb part of the impact before it reaches the softer foam. It sounds great —almost too good to be true.

Unfortunately, I haven’t tried it. It fits more of a circular head as opposed to oblong, like mine.. So I won’t say much more than the fact that I bet it is highly protective. Probably the best of all the hard-hat helmets I’ve tested since it has one hell of a thick layer of EVA foam. But its frame sticks out the furthest from your head (more than an inch), so you will experience the worst of the effects of displacing more water than your head otherwise would compared to the other helmets on this site. And the chances of the helmet pulling back on your head while duck diving (the bucket effect) are quite high. Also, it’s heavy for all the helmets out there capable of getting in the surf. 425g for a large. Sounds like a recipe for bad whiplash.

So when it comes to my recommendation, given that I haven’t tried it, detailed pictures will have to speak a thousand words here. If you do get it, I would only wear it for longboarding or paddleboarding in small waves, and make sure to get the version with the adjustable dial.

Order directly from Pro-Tec or Check the price on Amazon.

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